UNi Charge by Yatra

UNi Charge by Yatra

Tech Ovation Winner 2019

Power Station by Yatra is a comprehensive, hassle-free solution that allows your customers to charge their devices securely, with speed and flexibility!

This is the perfect universal charging system, designed for guests at restaurants, bars, golf courses and more, who want to give their clientele a full-service experience.  

Key Features:

8 Power Banks - 4000 mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries with Built-in Cables

Fast Charge Technology, LED Indicators, Antitheft security with Luna Pulse Charging.  Apple Lightning, Android Micro USB. 

Custom Branding Opportunities.

Perfect for restaurants, golf courses, outdoor events, conference rooms & more.

Order your Power Station today.
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UNi CHARGE by Yatra from Shop Yatra on Vimeo.

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