Yatra 2in1 MFI Cable

Yatra brings you the ultimate phone cable. Perfect for Iphone and Android devices.

Yatra's MFI Certified 2in1 Cable is built bold and rugged on the outside, and smart and intuitive on the inside. With fast charge, a nylon braided chord, and a three year warranty, this cable is perfect for all of your adventures.

This cable is built to last, and we are so confident in our cable's toughness that we offer a three year warranty with every cable.

Charge all of your devices on the go with Yatra's 2in1 Cable. This cable is garunteed to charge and sync with Apple devices for the next five years.

Life is a journey, take us with you!™


Introducing the Yatra 2in1 Super Cable from Shop Yatra on Vimeo.


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