A rapid test for determining if a person is negative to COVID-19.

This 1-minute test is user friendly and human safe. This solution will assist in mobilizing the economy and allow people a swift return to work, travel and social gatherings.

Our solution is offered via TaaS model – ‘Test As A Service’ offering to lease our TeraSystems on a prepaid basis.

In the USA., trial testing is occurring with various entities including NBA Orlando Bubble, Disneyland, Carnival Cruiselines, to name a few.


  • Step 1: A person blows into the disposable, hand-held test tube.
  • Step 2: The breath aerosols are collected in the test tube.
  • Step 3: The test tube is sealed, sterilized and placed inside the TeraScanner for scanning.
  • Step 4: A test-technician (located in a separate room with the TeraSystem) is running the test.
  • Step 5: Following 1 minute, the person receives the test result, determining if they are COVID-19 Clear/Suspected.
Purchase your Breath analyzer from Yatra Med Supply An authorized distributor of TeraGroup Email: sales@yatramedsupply.com | Office: 866-567-9009

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